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One thing we love about our WallCutz community of crafters is how diverse they are. From stenciling experience to backgrounds or geographical locations- we cover every end of the spectrum. While it is one of our favorite things to bring together crafters from all over the world, it also presents some challenges with so many miles between us. Within our WallCutz Community group on Facebook, we are lucky enough to get to see posts from crafters all over this world. Some are just a state over, while others are an ocean away- but online, that distance doesn’t matter! (*If you haven’t joined our Facebook Community yet- you definitely should now! Here you will find posts from fellow crafters, exclusive sales, giveaways and so many more WallCutz goodies. Go to WallCutz Facebook page.


 (Our very first post by Nancy Dorr, bringing #wallcutzaroundtheworld with her as she ran to support CASI for the 40th Annual St Pat’s Race.)

We know that connection is a key to crafting. It is how we learn, how we grow as crafters and how we get to know others who have the same passions we do. At WallCutz, we are always looking for more ways to connect, and that is where we came up with our #wallcutzaroundtheworld campaign. Have you heard of it? Come along on a little ride with us to learn more about what #wallcutzaroundtheworld is, why we feel so passionately about it and how YOU can get involved.

What is #wallcutzaroundtheworld?

#wallcutzaroundtheworld is a campaign that we started where customers all over the world can take a photo with our WallCutz poster and post it to their personal social media page. All of the photos with this hashtag are gathered under #wallcutzaroundtheworld and live for anyone and everyone to see.


What is the purpose?

There are many reasons why we wanted to start a fun, engaging campaign like this- but two main ones come to mind.

 First is to build connection between crafters all over the world. As we mentioned above, long distance relationships can be hard! This quick and easy project of taking a photo somewhere fun, holding up our #wallcutzaroundtheworld sign is a way for us to see you and come along on the adventure. It was partially inspired by the old flat Stanley trend where people would take photos with a flat cut-out of people they loved that couldn’t be there as a way of including them. As people have posted their photos, we have been able to get a glimpse into your life and come along on part of your journey, achieving another dose of the connection we all crave!

Second, we wanted to have you share something you love with the people you love. One aspect of this campaign is we want you to post your photo and hashtag in the community group, but on your personal page as well. The reasoning behind this is we want more people to know about WallCutz and to join in on the fun, the crafting and the community as a whole. When you find a killer sale at the mall or read a book that is incredible, you don’t keep it to yourself. So why wouldn’t we want to share our love for crafting (and WallCutz Stencils Specifically) with our friends! We love our customers and love seeing you share our company with the people in your circles.


(Alisha Gifford and her handsome companions took #wallcutzaroundtheworld with them to the first festival in Ohio in their little town of Chardon!)

How do I participate?

Getting involved is easy! For the last 2 months, we have been including a #wallcutzaroundtheworld postcard with each order that was placed. Once you receive this postcard, you take it with you and take a photo of you holding it wherever you would like. It can be at a craft show, on vacation at the beach, in your kitchen- anywhere! We just want to see you and where you are. Once you take the photo, you post it to YOUR social media and use the hashtag #wallcutzaroundtheworld. That easy!

What’s in it for me?

All in all, we hope that this is a fun experience for you. We hope that you love sharing about WallCutz and feel connected to those who are also participating as we strive for a sense of community amongst our crafters. But just in case that isn’t enough, we also have a few perks!

At the end of each month, we will do a drawing of all of those who have used the hashtag #wallcutzaroundtheworld and one lucky winner will win a $50 WallCutz gift card. If you don’t win, you will receive $10 gift card just for entering. It’s as simple as that! We also reserve the right to add in extra bonuses and perks, just to say thank you!



(Customer Jo Wheat sharing her spring break baseball with us from Aurora, Oregon!)

We have shared our inspiration, the how to and even some examples of wonderful customers who have participated. Hopefully this has sparked some excitement in you and motivates you to get involved in our #wallcutzaroundtheworld campaign. It won’t be around for forever, but we sure hope you love it while we do. Thank you for joining us here at WallCutz from all around the world!

checkout our #wallcutzaroundtheworld video and join our Facebook community today.


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  • Bonnie Anderson - May 04, 2022

    As a Sr citizen, I am not able to afford a purchase at this time. Would a hand-written WallCutz postcard work to enter??

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