5 Cheap & Simple Crafts Under $5! (and where to find them!)

5 Cheap & Simple Crafts Under $5! (and where to find them!)

Everybody loves a good bargain. This sentiment rings even more true when you find a good bargain that can help you in your crafting process. Whether it is a sale on stencils, getting a free brush with a purchase or finding an incredible surface to paint on at a discount- a stellar deal means less money out of your pocket! Whether you craft for fun or as part of a business endeavor, this is a win that can brighten your day and allow the opportunity for even more crafting. Just as any good friend does, we want to let you on to some of the wonderful deals that we have found in a variety of stores and share some inspiration with you on how to utilize them. Come along with us on a journey through these 5 different stores for everyday bargains that you will love!

1. Target: The store that you walk in needing 3 things and come out with a cart full. How can you resist? Good quality with reasonable prices- and of course we can’t forget the dollar section that catches your eye. While each bargain bin will uncover different treasures based on your local Target, here is a find that you can even snag online. This classic 12” round is the blank slate for endless stencils- and only costs $5. One of our favorite stencils to use on a beautiful, simple round like this is our “home sweet home” stencil. Whether you keep it for your home or give it away as a gift, this stencil and bargain round combo is a deal that is hard to beat!
Home Sweet Home Stencilwood round for stencil

2. Hobby Lobby: If you haven’t read our blog post that solely focuses on Hobby Lobby finds, you should! This canvas bag is hard to beat- coming in at $1.99. Though it is nothing to write home about now, the creative slate it provides is phenomenal. Whether you need a bag for groceries, need a gift for your child’s teacher or even a bag for trick or treating- with the right stencils, this bag can be all of those things! While Halloween is still months away, we wanted to show you one of our favorite stencils  for this bag and how perfect it can be for all of your Halloween candy. Whether you go with this classic color or grab a black or orange bag to make it more festive- this combination is a gift that keeps on giving!

trick or treat stencil

canvas bag

 3. The Dollar Tree: One of the most budget friendly aspects of our stencils is that they are reusable. Whether you get them on one of our many WallCutz sales or pay full price, they get you an incredible bang for your buck. The only way to beat that is to find your crafting surface at the Dollar Tree! Just in time for Spring, we stumbled upon this one-of-a-kind deal on this wooden crate with handles. If you are a gardener- imagine the cute prop this could be for flowers. If you like to decorate your doorway for the seasons, think of the unique ways you could use this to elevate your other décor. We envisioned this box with our fresh cut flowers stencil that would make it the perfect spring edition for anyone!
Flower Truckwood crate from dollar store.

4. Walmart: While scrolling through Walmart’s crafting section, I was overwhelmed by how many cute, affordable options they have. One of my absolute favorites was this wooden jar unpainted surface that made me want to get ready for summer! Using this bundle of honey themes stencils I pictured how seamlessly this craft would fit into my bookshelf décor. And for only $3.50? Yes please! With so many different stencil options, the only hard part would be choosing which one to use first.
Bee bundle stencilcraft balsa mason jar

5. Michaels: Last but not least, we loved this $3.99 find at Michael’s that gives the perfect opportunity to tell someone you love them. While it would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, we think that every day is the perfect day to spread a little love- and this heart-shaped wooden surface is perfect for that. Diving in with our XO stencil - this background is the ideal combination to send hugs and kisses your way!
xox stencil wood heart from micheals

With a little inspiration, we hope that you find some deals that make your day. Whether from these 5 stores above or a local shop near you, we would love to see what deals you find and how you use them. Which of these finds above is your favorite? What kind of backgrounds would you like to see? Until next time- we wish you happy shopping!

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