Bienvenido New Spanish Stencils!

Bienvenido New Spanish Stencils!

Hola WallCutz readers! We have said it once and we will say it again, we love how WallCutz is all around the world. As we have gotten to know our wonderful customers and connect with everyone on an individual basis, we have been amazed at how similar yet different we all are. While we all speak the language of crafting, we also know that we all speak different languages in our day to day lives. When we asked our WallCutz audience what new stencils they wanted to see, stencils in Spanish were our top request!

We got to work creating and tried to design stencils in Spanish that would resonate with our creators and inspire new crafts for your homes and businesses. With Cinco De Mayo just a few weeks behind us, we thought it would be the perfect time to debut and highlight a few of our new stencils. Here are our 4 newest stencils that we hope you absolutely love!

1. Bienvenido!: What better way to welcome our new stencils than by starting off with a welcome stencil for your home? The direct translation of bienvenido is welcome, making it the perfect porch leaner to greet any guest at your front door. Pair this leaner with a potted plant and a gorgeous doormat, and you can transform your entry way no matter what the season.

bienvenido stencil

2. El Hogar Es Donde Esta Mi Familia: As in many other cultures, the Hispanic culture places a special importance on family. With this stencil, that love of family and strong values shines through. Translated, this quote reads “Home is where my family is.” What a special way to remind your family how loved they are. This stencil is the perfect addition to your home décor to be proudly displayed on a shelf, on an entry table or hung on your wall. It also makes the perfect gift to give someone, mixing the beauty of a craft with the sentiment of a moving quote all in one. We love the versatility this stencil brings, but most of all, the warmth and love of the message it relays.

familia stencil

3. Danos Hoy El Pan De Cada Dia: Along with the popular request of creating stencils in Spanish, we have also heard many requests for more religious stencils. These next two stencils combine both Spanish and religious wording with the direct translation of this stencil being “Give us this day our daily bread.” Simple and sweet, this stencil is easy to use and can create the perfect sign for any house. While most popularly placed in the kitchen, you can find the best spot in your home to be a daily reminder of gratitude and the many blessings that you have each day.

give us this day stencil

4. Bendice, La Familia, El Amor, Amen: Translated, this stencil reads “Bless the food before us, the family around us and the love between us, amen.” This stencil has a special way of pulling on your heart strings, highlighting the food we are blessed with, the family we get to call our own and the love that is intertwined between it all. If you are looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day, a sweet surprise for a friend or a wedding gift for a special couple- this stencil hits the mark. It is perfect for any home and speaks to the love of the family that resides there.

bless this food stencil

At WallCutz, we love hearing from you and what you want to see- and we try our best to make it happen. These stencils are just the beginning to new creations in different languages that will help us connect more broadly to our customers near and far. Which of these stencils would you love to see in your home? What kind of stencils do you hope our ever so talented WallCutz team will come up with next? Let us know and as always, we hope to see the creative ways you use these stencils and bring the magic to life! Until next time, adios!

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  • Edna - June 06, 2022

    These Spanish stencils are a GREAT addition! I live in a border town with New Mexico and Mexico at our corner in El Paso Texas! I’m doing my first ever bazaar on September 16th (Mexican holiday) and would love to show these stencils off! They will be a big hit in my community!

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