6 Summer Crafts You Will Love!

6 Summer Crafts You Will Love!

School is out, the temperatures are up, and it seems like the sunshine is finally here to stay. That can only mean one thing- it’s officially summer. Whether you are a lounge at the pool kind of summer explorer or prefer to stay locked inside where the AC is on full blast, we have some fun summer projects to share with you to make this the best summer yet. We are firm believers that every season is a stenciling season, and this array of crafts will prove that to be true.

Welcome to our Lake House- Nothing says summer like time spent on the water and in this case, at the lake house. The talented Charlotte Kellow shared this creation with our WallCutz Facebook Community and blew us away with the newest addition to her lake house.

lake house stencil

Using our Welcome to our Lake House stencil which can be found here, Charlotte switched out a stenciled oar and put the entire sign on an oar itself. We are obsessed with how beautifully it turned out with the white, blues and twine touches, and can’t wait to see what new life it brings to her lake house as she hangs it proudly!

Farm Fresh Watermelon- Nothing says summer like a fresh slice of juicy watermelon. This stencil captures all of that summer picnic feeling with the detailed seeds, the lively pinks and greens and the sweet details of vine ripened and hand picked specialties. This could make for the perfect summer décor in your home, to hang or shelf as a refreshing new summer look. Not to mention how cute this stencil looks on a throw pillow or a summer bag for you to take along to the Farmer’s Market.
watermellon stencil

Grab this stencil now, just in time for summer: 

Hello Summer- Crafter extraordinaire Linda Kaiser shared this lively porch leaner that she made to welcome summer to her home! Using one of our favorite summer stencils. Linda used her own trick and replaced the “U” in summer with her very own pair of flip flops. We love the bright colors, the summer feel and the creativity that made it perfectly unique to her house! If sandals aren’t on the top of your summer list, you could always replace the “U” with a nice slice of watermelon a hibiscus flower or even a popsicle- all options that come along with this stencil, so you don’t have to choose just yet!

hello summer stencil

Summer Sampler- One of the hardest parts of crafting is choosing which craft to do! With what seems like an unlimited number of stencils to choose from, sometimes the best move is to get sample pack bundle so you don’t have to. Here we have one of our favorite bundles that gives you 12 different options of summer themed stencils to choose from. These smaller stencils can be used on jars to hold fresh cut flowers, beach bags, trays for some summer treats or even the classic small hanging sign to adorn your home with. The versatility and options that come with just one pack of stencils is incredible- and gives you endless opportunities of what you can create!

summer stencil pack

You can find this bundle and a variety of other summer bundles and stencils here

Patriotic Painting- Along with summer comes plenty of holidays and opportunity to display your patriotism proudly. With Memorial Day and Fourth of July being just the beginning, summer is a busy time for switching out décor and celebrating each season and holiday as it comes. One of our community experts, Alicia Mattingly, shared the door hanger below that she created. 

America stencil

 Alicia gave us all of the patriotic feels with this red, white and blue masterpiece. What better way to display your love for this country than with a beautiful craft like this?

Fresh Lemonade- One of our favorite summer stencils will always be this fresh lemonade classic. While your first thought might be having this sign at a lemonade stand, we have seen the cutest homes displaying this bright yellow sign in any room to add a touch of summer. One of our most recent favorite ways to see this stencil used has been on a serving tray or pitcher, more often than not used to serve- you guessed it- lemonade! How cute and functional, and it makes the perfect decoration even when you aren’t serving guests. Give it a try with a cheap tray or pitcher from Hobby Lobby and let us know if you love it as much as we do!
lemonade stencil

We hope you are feeling inspired to pour yourself a glass of ice-cold lemonade, grab your favorite summer stencils and get to crafting. There are so many fun things to do in the summer, and we know that crafting is on the top of that list. If your kids are home from school and enjoying summer break, get them involved in the crafting too for added fun. The options are limitless and if you keep an eye out, there are plenty of special sales that make your stenciling projects even more of a bargain. What will you create this summer? Make sure to share your finished products with our community so we can relish in the beauty! Happy Summer!

Blog written by Hayley Aiono

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