2 Ways To Step Up Your Wrapping Game This Holiday Season Using Stencils

2 Ways To Step Up Your Wrapping Game This Holiday Season Using Stencils

The hustle and bustle of the holiday’s has arrived and we are feeling extra holly jolly about it. Anyone else love giving gifts?! It doesn’t just stop at the idea for me, the presentation is just as important and thought out; so this year I wanted to share a few ways you can step up your present wrapping using some fun Christmas stencils from WallCutz.

• Brown Kraft paper: this is my go-to for wrapping because it gives you a blank slate to make your own and is perfect for any decor!
• acrylic paint
• stenciling brushes
• water and cup
• WallCutz stencil (of course)

1. Paint your own wrapping paper
This idea is unique but also quick and easy. We used our small Santa hat stencil found in the CHRISTMAS STENCIL BUNDLE, but there are 25 graphics and sayings to choose from and make each gift extra special! Using a small painting (or makeup sponge if you have some extras lying around) you will want to dab the paint, then get rid of an excess on a paper towel so it doesn’t bleed behind the stencil. We worked with a sponge for each color to make the process as easy as possible and placed the stencil around the Kraft paper at random. You can find craft paper at any crafting store, as well as places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Once your paper is done drying you can cut it up and wrap as normal, adding a bow or garland to finish off the look!

wallcutz christmas stencilpainting stencils

2. The perfect name tag
Use one of the stencils from our CHRISTMAS SAMPLE PACK to add a Merry touch to your gift. Cut any excess off the stencil and then thread a ribbon through it before tying up your gift- this idea couldn’t get any easier but really personalizes a gift! If you’re using Kraft paper to wrap, you can let your kids paint their hand-prints on the paper before adding the tag; it’s the perfect presentation for a crafty grandparent or family member.
christmas stencilgift wrap

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