Religious & Spiritual Stencils For Every Day Decorating


In a world full of chaos, confusion and trials in all shapes and sizes- each person finds solace in their own way. Whether it is connecting with nature, worshipping at church or stenciling your worries away, each individual has their own unique way of feeling peace. We listen closely as our customers share what stencils they’ve dreamed up and request for their creations. We heard as many of you asked for religious themed stencils to reflect your beliefs and how you find peace- and we listened.

Creating new stencils for our customers is one of our favorite things here at WallCutz. With this blog post, we are excited to share some of our new religious and faith based stencils with each of you. While they are centered around religion, spirituality and belief, there are so many ways to utilize these stencils and so many messages to portray. 


be still stencil sign


Spiritual and Religious Stencils

Our collection of religious stencils includes over 25 old and new stencils reflecting many different aspects of faith, uplifting scriptures, angel wings and longing for a closeness to heaven. While we can’t showcase every stencil in this one blog, we would love to show you some of our favorites and share how we have seen them used.


Food Prayer Dinner Stencil


Whether for a Christmas decoration or something used all year long, these stencils provide the perfect messages to all who enter your home. While it may not be Easter or Christmas time, these religious stencils can dress up your home any day of the week. This stencil above is the perfect example of one of our religious stencils that fits your home all year round- and looks amazing while doing so. To learn more about how to recreate a stencil like this, keep tune into our live “how to” videos on our WallCutz Community Page or stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about how to stencil on a chalkboard! 


Religious Faith Stencil Pack


Where Can I Stencil?

You may be wondering where the best place to put these stencils is, and we guarantee that there are countless spaces that it would perfectly complete! Here is another one of our favorite religious stencil bundles that includes spiritual graphics, faith based sayings and beautiful artwork that speaks for itself. The variety of sizes, images and phrases allows for you to use anything from a wooden board to a framed photo, even smaller items such as scripture cases or a bag to hold your church materials each week


Memory Poem Stencil


Create & Keep Creating

Each stencil we create has a unique message and a special way to share it. Whether it be your favorite scripture or a quote about loved ones who have passed, we hope that this collection speaks to you. Browse some of our brand new faith based stencils to find inspiration for your home decor Whether you are religious or not, we hope that these stencils can be a way that you find peace and joy, and share it with all who enter your home.


  • Angie Buchanan

    I am so impressed with the personal attention in regards to customizing an order. Wow! Pleased with their efforts!!

  • Vicky Hill
    I just discovered WallCutz and let me say, I think I found a new hobby! I love the spiritual stencils! I envision some wonderful gifts being made for my friends and family!

  • Karen Crosby
    Do you do custom stencils?

    Am looking for
    There’s no place like home
    In cursive style

  • Teresa
    My favorite is in loving memory. This really spoke to me. I signed up, can’t wait to get my email with 15% discount on my first purchase! I will be interested in the reusable stencils.

  • Kathy Nofzinger
    I love them all! Especially the Food, Love, Family and In Memory of…

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