Religious & Spiritual Stencils For Every Day Decorating

Religious & Spiritual Stencils For Every Day Decorating

In a world full of chaos, confusion and trials in all shapes and sizes- each person finds solace in their own way. Whether it is connecting with nature, worshipping at church or stenciling your worries away, each individual has their own unique way of feeling peace. We listen closely as our customers share what stencils they’ve dreamed up and request for their creations. We heard as many of you asked for religious themed stencils to reflect your beliefs and how you find peace- and we listened.

Creating new stencils for our customers is one of our favorite things here at WallCutz. With this blog post, we are excited to share some of our new religious and faith based stencils with each of you. While they are centered around religion, spirituality and belief, there are so many ways to utilize these stencils and so many messages to portray. 


be still stencil sign


Spiritual and Religious Stencils

Our collection of religious stencils includes over 25 old and new stencils reflecting many different aspects of faith, uplifting scriptures, angel wings and longing for a closeness to heaven. While we can’t showcase every stencil in this one blog, we would love to show you some of our favorites and share how we have seen them used.


Food Prayer Dinner Stencil


Whether for a Christmas decoration or something used all year long, these stencils provide the perfect messages to all who enter your home. While it may not be Easter or Christmas time, these religious stencils can dress up your home any day of the week. This stencil above is the perfect example of one of our religious stencils that fits your home all year round- and looks amazing while doing so. To learn more about how to recreate a stencil like this, keep tune into our live “how to” videos on our WallCutz Community Page or stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about how to stencil on a chalkboard! 


Religious Faith Stencil Pack


Where Can I Stencil?

You may be wondering where the best place to put these stencils is, and we guarantee that there are countless spaces that it would perfectly complete! Here is another one of our favorite religious stencil bundles that includes spiritual graphics, faith based sayings and beautiful artwork that speaks for itself. The variety of sizes, images and phrases allows for you to use anything from a wooden board to a framed photo, even smaller items such as scripture cases or a bag to hold your church materials each week


Memory Poem Stencil


Create & Keep Creating

Each stencil we create has a unique message and a special way to share it. Whether it be your favorite scripture or a quote about loved ones who have passed, we hope that this collection speaks to you. Browse some of our brand new faith based stencils to find inspiration for your home decor Whether you are religious or not, we hope that these stencils can be a way that you find peace and joy, and share it with all who enter your home.

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  • Jo Ann - May 28, 2021
    I love them all but I’d love to add the Be Still and know to my collection. It is such a great promise.
  • Jo Ann Morris - May 28, 2021
    I love the Be Still and Know. It is such a great promise. When things are silent and I’m busy stenciling, sometimes I stop and listen and in those moments I can feel His presence.
  • Rae Couch - May 28, 2021
    Very happy will all my WallCutz purchases. These religious and spiritual stencils are great. I especially like the In Loving Memory one. I can see it with some cardinals in the background somewhere.
  • Kathy Howard - May 28, 2021
    Love all your stencils! They are of such good quality. So many topics to pick from. Groups are also so useful. My favorite place to buy stencils!!
  • Nancy Little - May 28, 2021
    I absolutely love every stencil I’ve received. I just ordered some spiritual ones earlier this week & they’re on their way!! I’ve already ordered many before. It Is Well With My Soul is one of my favorites. I’m planning to get the 12pc small stencils next.

    Thank you for the many choices!

  • Holli - May 28, 2021
    I love them all ♥️ But I have made several of the In memory of such a nice saying to let us know our loved ones are still close.. Such great variety of stencils on your site can’t wait to purchase more soon :)
  • Joy Ferguson - May 28, 2021

    I love all of the religious stencils, but my favorite is the “In Memory of”. I love making keepsakes for families. It’s something they can keep forever in memory of their loved one that has passed. I hope to see more wonderful stencils like these.

  • Martina Davis - May 28, 2021
    Bless the food before us, Family beside us, and love between us is my favorite and speaks to my heart. I plan on stenciling this onto a bench made from a headboard. This will provide extra seating around the table. Our family often gets together for meals. Its just a culture of sharing and being grateful for those near and dear to us. Of course Family includes those old friends whom we have chosen to be part of our family.
  • Judy Schallhorn - May 28, 2021
    Love them all. What a meaningful way to create a perfect gift. Having lost two friends to Covid 19, I plan to order the memory stencil and make gifts for my two friends who are now widows.

    ALSO….I would love to have a stencil that says “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

  • Tonya Williams - May 28, 2021

    I started stenciling last year after retiring. I find it very relaxing. I am building my collection which includes some of these religious stencils.

  • Tara Johnson - May 28, 2021
    I love them all! Thanks for all the wonderful choices you offer. Looking forward to purchasing more stencils soon. So wonderful to have different sayings to offer at my craft shows.


  • Sheryl Herzog - May 28, 2021
    Love the “In memory of” stencil would make a special and keeping piece in lieu of flowers in the loss of a loved one. Perfect for plaque, Plate,or on wood to hang or tabletop.
  • Tiffany Debar - May 28, 2021

    I really love and enjoy the religious stencils I recently loss my mother amd have bought a few of the religious stencils from you already. I really loved the in memory stencils it’s beautiful. I think it would be neat to do a layer with the angel wings and then have the in memory stencils over top would be very pretty.

  • Lisa Smoker - May 28, 2021
    Beautiful. I love the spiritual and religious stencils. I’ve purchased a few and plan to get some more on my next order. Love, love, all of your stencils.
  • Vicki Reece - May 28, 2021
    Love love my wings planning on making signs for my daddy’s and little brothers graves
  • Tricia - May 28, 2021
    My niece is getting married in September and I am going to make the stencil with the wings and place it in the chair my mom would have sat in
  • Peggy Corbin - May 28, 2021

    It seems that more people are opting to give a gift instead of flowers when someone passes. A plaque using the “In Memory of” stencil makes a perfect memorial gift

  • Alicia Mattingly - May 28, 2021

    The In memory of stencils are a way to honor and leave a lasting memory of those who have passed. This is perfect and very fitting as we head into memorial weekend! Great gifts!

  • Therese Collins - May 28, 2021
    These are beautiful…I put the angle wings in the background.
  • Pamela Music - May 28, 2021

    I’m a Hospice caregiver these stencils would be nice gifts for some of special families that have lost there loved one.

  • Sandy - May 28, 2021
    Be Still and know is one of my favorites. Looking forward to painting it for a wedding gift.
  • Raynette - May 28, 2021
    My mom recently passed away. I was looking for a saying to put in or on a shadow box that I will decorate with my moms memories. This will be perfect.
  • Gigi Siglin-Cooke - May 28, 2021
    They are all a peace filled message…my favorite is Be Still and Know…..what an inner peace comes thru me as I

    quietly stencil this onto a plaque or board, and what a joy it gives me to wrap it and give it away to another hoping they will feel the same quiet peace each time they look at it….

  • Eunice - May 28, 2021
    The “Be still and know” is one of my favorites. In a world full of busyness and stress this is such a wonderful reminder of how to be refreshed and restored. It reminds me of the Mary/Martha debate.
  • Laraine Russo Harper - May 28, 2021
    I am so touched by these stencils. Any time is the right time to display these messages. Beauty and peace in each one. Thank you WallCutz for continuing to inspire us so beautifully.
  • Robbin - May 28, 2021
    Love the faith based stencils been looking for one that made love the saying on they walk beside us
  • Kathy Lorenz - May 28, 2021
    I love these. Gentle inspirations! I’m new to stenciling. These make me want to think about starting on Christmas gifts!
  • Gail - May 28, 2021
    I will have to get the memory one for my granddaughters upcoming wedding. She was only nine months old when her grandfather passed away suddenly. We have talked about him often and I feel like she has a good idea of who he was. Her Mom and I KNOW he will be us on August 11th to share in the love and happiness.
  • Julie Charpentier - May 28, 2021

    Although I have never really been a religious person, throughout my life there have definitely been times when I needed to believe in something bigger than myself. Losing my grandparents was ones of those times, especially my grandmother. She was the one person in my life that always accepted me for me, she never judged, never put me down and was always there for me whenever I needed her. I love your stencils & I love figuring different ways to use them and hopefully make someone else smile with them. My absolute
    favorite stencil is the I am always with you, not
    only because of the meaning but, her favorite
    bird was the cardinal. I miss that woman every day and wish I could hug her one more time. ❤️

  • Geneva - May 28, 2021
    Absolutely love your stencils. I will be ordering some of these to make . we lost our daughter in law in April this year so to make something to honor her would be great. Thanks wallcutz.
  • Jami Jaso - May 28, 2021
    Faith-based stencils are my absolute favorite to work with. Keeping my faith alive with Christ while creating. Thank you for these!
  • Kathy Krafick - May 28, 2021

    I love your I Am Always With You stencil. It’s simple and a gentle reminder that we aren’t alone.

  • Jess Bowne - May 28, 2021

    I LOVE that you’re not afraid to create faith-based stencils. I have most of these and love them all. So many companies shy away from religion as to not “offend” anyone. Keep being YOU!

  • Marla Jackson - May 28, 2021
    I love this! Thank you for these faith-based stencils that help me share my faith with those I love!

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