Religious & Spiritual Stencils For Every Day Decorating

Religious & Spiritual Stencils For Every Day Decorating

In a world full of chaos, confusion and trials in all shapes and sizes- each person finds solace in their own way. Whether it is connecting with nature, worshipping at church or stenciling your worries away, each individual has their own unique way of feeling peace. We listen closely as our customers share what stencils they’ve dreamed up and request for their creations. We heard as many of you asked for religious themed stencils to reflect your beliefs and how you find peace- and we listened.

Creating new stencils for our customers is one of our favorite things here at WallCutz. With this blog post, we are excited to share some of our new religious and faith based stencils with each of you. While they are centered around religion, spirituality and belief, there are so many ways to utilize these stencils and so many messages to portray. 


be still stencil sign


Spiritual and Religious Stencils

Our collection of religious stencils includes over 25 old and new stencils reflecting many different aspects of faith, uplifting scriptures, angel wings and longing for a closeness to heaven. While we can’t showcase every stencil in this one blog, we would love to show you some of our favorites and share how we have seen them used.


Food Prayer Dinner Stencil


Whether for a Christmas decoration or something used all year long, these stencils provide the perfect messages to all who enter your home. While it may not be Easter or Christmas time, these religious stencils can dress up your home any day of the week. This stencil above is the perfect example of one of our religious stencils that fits your home all year round- and looks amazing while doing so. To learn more about how to recreate a stencil like this, keep tune into our live “how to” videos on our WallCutz Community Page or stay tuned for upcoming blog posts about how to stencil on a chalkboard! 


Religious Faith Stencil Pack


Where Can I Stencil?

You may be wondering where the best place to put these stencils is, and we guarantee that there are countless spaces that it would perfectly complete! Here is another one of our favorite religious stencil bundles that includes spiritual graphics, faith based sayings and beautiful artwork that speaks for itself. The variety of sizes, images and phrases allows for you to use anything from a wooden board to a framed photo, even smaller items such as scripture cases or a bag to hold your church materials each week


Memory Poem Stencil


Create & Keep Creating

Each stencil we create has a unique message and a special way to share it. Whether it be your favorite scripture or a quote about loved ones who have passed, we hope that this collection speaks to you. Browse some of our brand new faith based stencils to find inspiration for your home decor Whether you are religious or not, we hope that these stencils can be a way that you find peace and joy, and share it with all who enter your home.

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  • SUSAN EASTERS - May 31, 2021
    I am a new customer, and absolutely love this company already….feels like family. I truly enjoyed reading this blog. My favorite is how you showcased some of the Faith based stencils in your home decor, and especially in the blog, you wrote how they can send a perfect message to those entering your home. You created so many phenomenal stencils, I could ellaborate on each one in this well written blog.
  • Danita - May 31, 2021
    I love the In Loving Memory stencil! Beautiful!
  • Vicky - May 31, 2021

    I love your simple but heart touching words of faith I your stencils. And the variety of choices in all of your stencil categories is amazing. Many gift ideas for the holidays and other occasions already.

  • Nichole Carney - May 31, 2021

    Absolutely love all the new spiritual stencils as well as all the others. Amazing way to remember loved ones lost.

  • Melinda MILLER - May 31, 2021
    I totally love the new faith based stencils. They totally touched my heart during a time of sadness, a stencil that will always keep a loved one close. After, losing my mom and sister in law in 2020, I now have a stencil I can give my family members as a gift to always remember. Thank you, so much. Your company is the best. Bless you ALL.
  • Melinda MILLER - May 31, 2021
    I totally love the new faith based stencils. They totally touched my heart during a time of sadness, a stencil that will always keep a loved one close. After, losing my mom and sister in law in 2020, I now have a stencil I can give my family members as a gift to always remember. Thank you, so much. Your company is the best. Bless you ALL.
  • Lyssa Paolillo - May 31, 2021
    Love the new spiritual stencils but the one that stood out to me was the one is the In Loving Memory… I have a friend that just lost both her parents and this is just the stencil I was looking for! Thanks Wallcutz!
  • Sue Maxwell - May 31, 2021
    I love these all but your “In Loving Memory” one really caught my eye. I just lost my best friend of over 40 years to Breast Cancer. We all lose people we love and this stencil saying is so true!! I will have to order it!
  • Karen Rhynard - May 30, 2021
    So glad to see the “Be still and Know” stencil. I used to use it every Sunday for Junior Church!
  • Michelle Hazelrig - May 30, 2021

    I love all of the spiritual stencils but one of my favorites is be still and know. It’s my favorite bible verse because there are many times that God has told me to just be still. My second favorite is Bless all those who enter because my Mom painted something very similar it hung by the garage door so I saw it every time I walked through the door.

  • Donna Campbell - May 30, 2021
    Just got to say love them i ordered one because my father passed away in march from covid but i just havent had the heart to make it yet
  • Karen Harris - May 30, 2021
    I really like the “In Loving Memory” stencil. In a frame, this stencil would make such a wonderful expression of sympathy.
  • Clarissa Joan Gaudet - May 30, 2021

    I love these stencils!! I have two of them already, I have so many stencils from y’all and I love them all and will be buying more! Thank you!!!!

  • Kim Burgess - May 30, 2021
    Super excited to be able to express faith with these beautiful stencils ♥️ thank you !
  • Jenn Wolfe - May 30, 2021

    I always loved these type of stencils!

  • Mary trenne - May 30, 2021
    Once again you hit it out of the ballpark!! Very versatile stencils… can be used ANYWHERE!! So many uses and in all seasons… will be a bit hit and sold out FAST!! Thanks Wallcutz!!
  • Veronica Lambert - May 30, 2021
    Thank you so.much for listening to us! I love them all and have already purchased 3. Can’t wait to see what you do next!
  • Yvonne Orona - May 30, 2021
    So beautiful I love them all…especially the memory one I lost my parents brother n sister n Grand baby all 2 yrs apart…I would love to have a stencil that I can create as a memory that they are always with me I love it. the small inspirations are beautiful their all beautiful
  • Joyce Bettis - May 30, 2021
    Love these faith based stencils. Perfect for so many things. Thanks so much.
  • Deb - May 30, 2021
    I love the inspirational stencils. That is what my business is about, getting His Word out one way or another. Thank you for being a supplier of the inspirational transfers!!!! Keep ’em coming!!!
  • Jeanie Yordy - May 30, 2021
    Love the new stencils! I’ve been enjoying learning how to stencil this year with your company’s stencils. Great quality!
  • Anita Maxwell - May 29, 2021

    It’s been a difficult year for me already and stenciling is a great nerve pill for me. The inspirational stencils are awesome and I can relate to each and everyone of them. For instance, “Be Still and Know”, I recite this often as a reminder to myself that God is always there I just have to be still and wait upon him. I want to thank you WallCutz for all you do to help us earn a dollar, pass time away, or just therapy in our own way. You’re a company that listens and that means a lot.

  • Darenda Cornelius - May 29, 2021
    They are all awesome, thanks for offering a give away! Would love to be lucky!
  • Shelaine Pennington - May 29, 2021

    I love all of them!!!

  • Gail Hansard - May 29, 2021
    I especially like to use the ones regarding loved ones who never actually leave, but walk beside us every day!!!
  • Nicole - May 29, 2021

    Love these thoughtful stencils. Great company and wondered customer service

  • Susan Murph - May 29, 2021
    Love all the religious stencils
  • marissa speicher - May 29, 2021
    i have given these as gifts for friends who have lost a love one … it has meant so much to them
  • Kathy Lehr - May 29, 2021

    Perfect stencils to honor a loved one! These would make a great gift for friends and family. Love them all.

  • Laura Wegner - May 29, 2021
    I just ordered the Heaven Bundle. My sister just lost her mother-in-law& I will be doing one for her & my niece. This company has been so gracious with their time, ideas & help. They have helped me with special order projects so many times. Love love love them!
  • Warrie Walser - May 29, 2021
    Love the way you are attentive to “us” the customer when it comes to our likes. Great all around company.
  • judi - May 29, 2021
    I’ve been looking for spiritual and religious stencils! customers will love the inished products I place in my shop
  • Sharon Mills - May 29, 2021
    I love them all but especially the Be Still and the Bless this food grace stencil.
  • Bonnie Mann - May 29, 2021
    Love them all
  • Linda Kinsman - May 29, 2021
    I love all the stencils in this set, but I think my favorite is Be still and Know.
  • Terri Backaus - May 29, 2021
    Love 💘 can’t wait to make
  • Glenda Welborn - May 29, 2021

    I like the part you say you listen. That’s a true statement. Thank you for listening, to come up with what we are looking for, thank you for being encouraging, thank you for being so helpful. I like all these Beautiful words of wisdom, encouragement, faith, love and blessings along with hope through your Stencils.

  • Janet Molesky - May 29, 2021
    Beautiful, they will bring so much comfort and peace to many people, especially with so many suffering loss during these difficult times we are going through right now.
  • Heirloom Posers - May 29, 2021
    I love the religious and spiritual stencils. I think people are looking for something to hope for and for comfort more now than ever.
  • Erica Curl - May 29, 2021

    I love that you share your faith through your company. By providing these beautiful stencils to us you are helping us share our faith as well! Thank you!

  • Debbie Von Hollen - May 29, 2021

    I love all of your stencils. I especially love the spiritual ones. I love the Bible versus most of all. They touch my heart and soul. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Kathy Lowry - May 29, 2021
    I love all your stencils and I especially love that they come different sizes. Thank you for all you do, especially the little surprise you add to every order!
  • Vicki Stauch - May 29, 2021
    I can not choose a favorite. I love them all.
  • Karen - May 29, 2021

    Thank you for making this beautiful selection of Religious and Spiritual stencils. I really enjoy using scriptures as I stencil and love displaying them in my home year round!

  • Natalie Cline - May 28, 2021
    I love the one the says Bless the family beside us. They’re all really great. I think using religious sayings is important to help bring the Lord back into America.
  • Rose Dahlinghaus - May 28, 2021

    I would love to see a Jewish star added to the religious group. Thanks hanks!

  • Kim - May 28, 2021

    After 32 years, I left my position as a nurse and had no idea where to go from there. I had no idea I would fall in love with the art of stenciling. I use it as my relaxation time, unless I spill the paint… I was so glad to find faith based stencils, and hope to work with WallCutz for a long time to come!

  • Kim Carter - May 28, 2021
    It’s hard to pick my favorite one. I like them all. A very nice variety to choose from. Will definitely have to check these out. Thank you for the great selection and good quality stencils.
  • Patricia Pung - May 28, 2021
    I appreciate this company for carrying these religious, inspiring, uplifting stencils. Realizing we are all looking for peace in these chaotic times, and knowing we all look for it in different ways. Thank you for making some of the best stencils I have ever used!
  • Kerry Johnson - May 28, 2021
    “My favorite is In Loving Memory”! My son passed away 3 days before his 20th birthday and zi know he is with each day walking beside me! That sentiment stencil is an excellent reminder and comfort for those who have lost a loved one! I send cards often to show empathy, love, and encouragement to people hurting! Your company and products has raised my craft work to a much better level! Thank you for doing all you do creating relatable sentiments! Its so important to care for one another! I love how you have an open forum for idea exchanges, encouragement, and ideas through your tutorials. Winning this contest would really boost my supply of stencil products to further reach people! Many of your stencils are wonderful for keeping in touch throughout the year to let people know they are in our thoughts! Thank you for your willingness to create stencils from ideas we have that are custom and not in your collection!!

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