A Very Merry Craft - DIY Christmas Ornaments

A Very Merry Craft - DIY Christmas Ornaments
It was three months before Christmas, and all through the land, every creature was crafting a gift made by hand. With less than 100 days until Christmas, the countdown is on and the bustle is already beginning. We previously shared with you 5 of our favorite ideas for meaningful gifts to give your loved oNes. We are excited to share a special craft kit that we have created to make your Holiday shopping, creating and gifting a bit easier.

ChristmaS shopping can be an activity that is looked forward to for months, or one that is full of dread and exhausting trips to the mall with no success. As advocates for creativity and meaning behind gifts, we believe we have found the perfect gift that will help you shosomeone you are thinking of them without breaking the bank- our Mini Ornament Stencil and Supplies! Let us tell you a few reasons why we love them, and how they can be the game changer you need for this year’s gift giving.

Anyone Can Do It
Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these ornament kits are easy to navigate and pretty simple to use. You can grab paint that you have and practice your stenciling skills with a brush, or you can grab a scorch marker and make it even easier! You can even get your Scorch Marker here and give it a try on these awesome ornaments. The material is forgiving and great to practice on, and the surface is small enOugh that you won’t spend hours creating one gift!

So much Variety
Each set includes the stencils that are perfectly tailored to your gift giving needs. For Example, our Mini Stencil Packs 1 comes with 12 different designs that are approximately 2.5”x2.5”, giving you the stencils already sized to what you need to create an ornament, card or gift tag. While wood slices are sold separately, these pack provides 12 different designs that you can use to mix and match and create a unique gift each time. And if that wasn’t enough, we currently have 6 different Christmas mini stencil packs available, in the Christmas Collection, that provides infinite amounts of opportunities!   

Inexpensive & Reusable
Coming out to just a little above a dollar per stencil, you can use them to create present after present, this year and in years to come. You can choose stencils that relate to the holiday, or more personal meaning for an individual. These stencils, a surface of your choice and the tools to paint/scorch the design can be done on a budget- and aren’t a one time only gift. These stencils are an investment that will allow you to create countless ornaments- whether you need just one for your significant other, or 35 for all of your students at school.

One of a Kind
Most of all, these gifts come from your hands and from your heart. Rather than just buying another scarf to add to your mom’s endless collection, or baking another fruit cake, these ornaments are made by you and with a specific person in mind. That kind of gift is felt and recognized as the receiver of the gift feels especially loved and is reminded of this precious gift each Christmas as it hangs on their tree.

However you celebrate Christmas, we hope that this new kit will be your holidAys a little easier, and a little more merry. Start spreading the cheer- and share your talents with a neighbor, a friend or your family through a sweet craft that they can cherish forever. We would love to hear what your plans are for gift giving this year? Let the countdowN continue!

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  • Brenda - November 07, 2021

    Found the word lots of fun thanks

  • Brenda - November 07, 2021

    Found the word lots of fun thanks

  • Sheila - November 07, 2021

    Sorry I missed the discount.

  • Valerie Blair - October 23, 2021

    Got it! Thank you Wallcutz!

  • Linda K Bone - October 21, 2021

    Cute idea! Got it!

  • Cheryl S. Shade - October 21, 2021

    So, cute. Read it once, then re-read to make sure I had it. Fun!

  • Tami - October 21, 2021

    Hi Wallcutz! :) This is fun! I found the 7 letters but I think I’m too dumb to unscramble them and figure out the word. Lol, oh well. Usually I’m good at this stuff. Fun either way!

  • Mary J Whitehead - October 21, 2021

    This was so much fun and creative! Love discounts too.

  • Penny Kylar - October 20, 2021

    I figured it out. Thank you Wallcutz! That was fun!

  • Penny Kylar - October 20, 2021

    I have gone through this blog 5 times and can’t find a seven letter word that is scrambled. Am I that blind?

  • Pamela Alexander - October 20, 2021

    Cute word puzzle to give a discount. Love it!

  • Kathy Lowry - October 14, 2021

    Great ideas.

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