Top 5 Christmas Stencil Gift Ideas!

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Advent Calendar Christmas Stencil

As August melts into September and summer quickly comes to a close, it won’t be long before the Christmas rush hits and all of the bustling, jolly shoppers fill the streets and more importantly- the stores. While online vendors sell out and hours are spent in line at different stores, we have 5 of the best gift recommendations to share with you that will help you skip out on the Christmas chaos while still maintaining all of the Christmas joy!

One of the best things about our reusable stencils are the unlimited options of what you can make with them. While our list could go on and on, we have chosen our top 5 gift ideas for this upcoming Christmas season that we think you and your loved ones will adore. While it might not be frankincense or mer, these gift ideas will combine cost efficiency, uniqueness and thoughtfulness all in one. To make it even better, these are gifts that you can start on now and get a great head start on a gift for everyone on your list!

1) Door Mat: Starting off our list is an item that has been extra popular lately. With each different holiday and season, your front porch changes and the door mat follows suit. Creating a custom, one of a kind door mat to gift to a friend is the best combination of functional and fun. If you are new to stenciling, this idea is particularly ideal because door mat material is very forgiving and it is a great project to learn the ropes with. You can find a classic, plain door mat for under $20, and use any stencil that you have on hand. Mix and match large and small stencils to tailor the doormat to a custom name, a holiday masterpiece or a traditional welcome mat that can stay all year round. Here is an example of a customer creation that we loved last Christmas.
christmas stencil door mat mistletoe

2) Bleached T Shirts: If you haven’t seen this latest trend, you need to. While still getting the fun of stenciling, you have half of the work and materials as you ditch the paint and brushes and grab a spray bottle of bleach. The idea behind this project is taping the stencil(s) of your choice to a plain t shirt and spraying diluted bleach across in whatever pattern you like. With the stencil covering the design on the shirt, the bleach splatters around and creates your desired look on a shirt. Luckily, this method doesn’t only apply to shirts- but any material you would like to try. Grab a tote bag, a sweatshirt, a hat- anything!

3) Ornaments: Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. Ornaments make a special gift holding a memory of what they depict, and who gave the gift as they continue to hang it each year. While you can stencil on almost any ornamental surface, we love the classic Christmas look of a thin wood ornament with the paint and design of your choice. Whether it is a family name as part of a gift basket, or an individual image that means something special- an ornament is something that will last for years to come.

Here is one of our favorite bundles to use for all of the gift ideas above. It gives lots of options for mixing and matching to make a one of a kind project over and over again.

4) Cookies for Santa Plate: No matter how old you are, you are never too old to leave out cookies and milk for Santa. This idea has you create a plate, serving platter or cookie serving surface of your choice to create a tradition of Santa’s cookie plate. Nothing is more exciting than prepping this plate Christmas Eve, only to find it with nothing but crumbs the next day. Make this plate, bake some goodies and drop them off to a neighbor, friend or coworker. It makes for the perfect gift- and adds some extra flare with you hand making the plate that holds whatever delicious treat you decide to add! Here is a customer favorite that we saw within our Facebook Community Page last year! (For more inspiration, examples and ideas like this- join our Facebook Community:

5) Classic Sign: Last but certainly not least, we can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t love a classic wooden sign to add to their home décor. Whether it is a Christmas lyric or a favorite mantra to stay up 365 days of the year, everybody loves a stenciled sign. If you want a big, outdoor piece- a porch leaner is the way to go. If you want a framed sign to hang on your bedroom wall, find a stencil that speaks to you. When gift giving, the most important part will be finding something that they will love. Our huge variety of stencils means there is something for everyone, and nothing will mean more than something you created for them.

christmas stencil milk and cookies
In the end, Christmas is all about giving. While the bells jingle and old Chris cringles, cozy up with some hot chocolate and a roaring fire while you stencil away the perfect gifts. There’s truly nothing sweeter than creating something for someone you love. Whether you choose a shirt or an ornament, these personal, hand-made items will leave your loved one’s wish lists complete! We hope you have found some inspiration for gifts you can create, and that this list of our top 5 favorite stenciling gift ideas made you a little more excited for this Christmas to come!


  • Betty jo Falcon

    I would like to order the cookies for Santa stencil?

  • Anne-Marie Koehl

    Love your stencils. I have recently been taking some of my things to a little shop. Have sold a few things❤️

  • Sharon Foote

    How much for cookie stencil and North Pole? And are these also reusable?

  • Kathy Pursell

    So excited to start my projects with the Christmas stencils set. Also will have to find out how to do the bleaching process idea.

  • Cheryl Shade

    I’m interested in the bleaching process as well. Sounds like it could be fun. 😉

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