9 Fantastic Hobby Lobby Finds For Stenciling


If you are anything like me- Hobby Lobby is your happy place. Just like a kid in a candy store, you can often find me wandering the aisles and immersing myself in the wonderful craft land it is. Even if I go for just one thing, I end up filling my cart and leaving with more bags than I had planned. Hobby Lobby is especially dreamy with their combination of pre-made items and DIY supplies- leaving the choice up to me of what I want and need. As Christmas approaches, we have shared some of our favorite gift ideas and even some of our favorite “how to’s” to create them. Now, we want to show you some of our favorite Hobby Lobby finds to help you kickstart your crafting and get those gifts rolling!
Wallcutz stencil 1
(Made by Melissa Mona Schwacha Evans- Using a Hobby Lobby Board)
Whether you are needing a Christmas present for a friend or some new décor to spice up your house, crafting is the perfect answer. You can create exactly what you are envisioning and make it from the heart. Hobby Lobby provides so many blank canvases for these projects, and here we are going to highlight just 9 of our favorites. They will vary in price, so scroll through them all to find something matching your idea for your project!

1.  Oval Beaded Hanging Sign: We couldn’t help but start out with a cute, affordable sign that is mind-blowingly affordable. Head to your nearest Hobby Lobby to snag this adorable piece for under $5! You can welcome Santa with a Christmas sign or hang it in your child’s room with their name on it. It is simple, perfectly sized and can’t be beat when it comes to price and value.  
2.  Serving Trays: These wooden, rectangle serving trays are a unique spin on a gift. Perfect for Mother’s day breakfast in bed or to leave cookies out for Santa, these trays are both fun and functional. The raw wood looks leaves you with endless possibilities. You can stain them, paint them, leave them raw- and of course, stencil on them! Here is one of our favorite stencils that we use to create a family favorite tray that will be used every year!  

serving tray
3.  Christmas Tree: This next suggestion comes from a customer favorite! The very talented Nancy Batt shared her creation below using an adorable wooden tree she purchased from Hobby Lobby! Nancy snagged this tree from Hobby Lobby, grabbed this adorable stencil from us at WallCutz and then painted the base white. She used more white with black and summer sky paint to paint the sky, and some bright colors for the truck and trees. What a beautiful decoration to keep for your home, or to give away as a gift if you can bear to part with it!


    4.  Classic Wood Sign: While there are so many fun, creative things to do- we can’t forget a classic sign. Hobby Lobby has countless wooden boards, framed signs- and in all shapes and sizes. Their prices are unbeatable- and if you find them on sale they are even better. Here is a link to one of our favorite boards, and one of our favorite stencils to use on it!
    hobby lobby frame
    home sweet home wallcutz

    5.  Planter Boxes: The weather is getting more and more frigid as winter sneaks in, but it is never too early to start planning for the spring! Another incredible crafter and customer shared these spring planter boxes and the killer deal they were. She snagged them at 40% off, totaling $23.99 a piece. You can fill these wooden boards with bright colors and flowers galore to welcome spring and get ready for your picture perfect garden! 

    hobby lobby planter boxes
    6.  House Blocks: Have you seen our newest mini packs of stencils? If not, you should! Hobby Lobby is our favorite place to buy the perfect wood blocks shapes for these stencils. Each block is approximately $2.99, making it the perfect, affordable gift. This stencil pack will give you so many options, you will want to grab lots of wood blocks to keep up!

    house blocks
    7.  Pizza Paddles: Similar to the serving trays that we recommended above, these pizza tray scoops are another crowd pleaser. Whether you stencil on your favorite quote and hang it above your stove, or use it for serving pizza at a dinner party, these pizza paddles add a fun flare. They are reasonably priced at only $14.99, and if you time it right, you can snag them for an additional 40% off!
    8.  Rectangle Wall Décor with Hooks: 
    Another blank canvas that is perfect for a family! Grab this rectangle wood piece and make it into something fun to hang in your home. Hang your coats, keys or fun holiday garlands- and make it your own. You could even use it to make a unique chore chart with names and rotations using the hooks. And for $9.99 at Hobby Lobby? You can’t beat that!

    wood board with hooks
    9. Doormat: While we could go on and on about all the things we love at Hobby Lobby, this will be our last one (for now)! One of our favorite things to make are individualized doormats for each holiday. How many is too many doormats? The limit does not exist! Below is a customer favorite from a first time stenciler who took to a blank doormat from Hobby Lobby. Using our Mistletoe doormat stencil  and some festive paints, this is a quick and easy gift for all level of crafters! The best part is, you can usually grab them for $15 or less at Hobby Lobby so you won’t have to feel guilty about having way too many!
     wallcutz door mat
    If you weren’t a Hobby Lobby fan already, we hope that you are sold now! We love sharing new finds, crazy deals and crafting favorites with all of you- and hope that you find inspiration from when we do. What is your favorite Hobby Lobby purchase? Share with us below so that we can get in on the finds too. Don’t miss out on Hobby Lobby’s creative finds- and don’t be surprised if we run into you in the aisles soon!


    • Alicia Hursley

      Thank you so much for these awesome ideas. We are fixing up/decorating an old house we just bought to use on Air BNB. After we finish refinishing our hardwood floor, we’re going to get to work on some custom stencil pieces. We can’t wait to get over to the Hobby Lobby to pick up some of these “canvases”.

    • Kathy

      I’am at Hobby Lobby all the time , love how you have given me so many ideas , and of course I have many Wallcutz stencils to go with them, now I will have to buy more lol. Keep up the good work Wallcutz.

    • Kathy

      I’am at Hobby Lobby all the time , love how you have given me so many ideas , and of course I have many Wallcutz stencils to go with them, now I will have to buy more lol. Keep up the good work Wallcutz.

    • Liz

      Thank you for the great ideas and list of HL surfaces. Always get so much inspiration from your blog & FB pages.

    • Nancy Batt

      This is such a great idea promoting hobby lobby products and amazing wallcutz stencils.

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