Customer Highlight - Meet Darla!

Customer Highlight - Meet Darla!

For months now, we have been creating blogs that highlight the how to of stenciling. Whether we are teaching how to offload, or how to paint on a certain material, we have tackled the tricks and tips for all sorts of creative projects. Today, we wanted to do something a little different. We want to talk to you- our wonderful customers- about the WHY of stenciling. It’s no secret, we adore stenciling. Now, we want to share a special story with you of someone else who had their life changed by stenciling.

 Meet Darla.

Darla and Paul Jarvis


Darla is a WallCutz customer who quickly became our friend. Living down the road from Anita and Bruce, the creators of WallCutz, we were able to talk one on one with her and get a little peek into what stenciling means to her. Join us for a little journey into how stenciling has impacted Darla, and become inspired by her story.

 As many others, Covid 19 made the last year and a half especially hard, and often times, especially limiting. Countless lockdowns, copious amount of time spent at home, and the fear of going stir crazy as we did so. Darla’s story began here, as she told us that many times, she would sit around the house with her husband who has limited mobility wondering how to fill her day. With extra time at home to stay safe and respect her husband’s health concerns, Darla discovered stenciling.  

Why did you join the community?

 “I started following the Wallcutz Facebook Community Page, I was so impressed with the leaners & different sayings. I was intrigued!  I made my daughter, daughters-in-law, and married granddaughters a Mother’s Day Plaque.  They were greatly appreciated.”

 Tell us about one of your first projects?

 “When Wallcutz released the Johnny Cash: Rugged Old Flag, I was drawn to the words.  It meant a lot to me.  So I found a large cork board, with white frame, at a local thrift shop.  It cost me $3!  I purchased the stencil & painted it dark navy with red stripes. By shifting the stencil down to the bottom of the red stripes I was able to create the white stripes!  I loved how it turned out, I'm hooked!”

 What makes you like stenciling so much?

 “I love the words and thoughts that I can create with WallCutz stencils. With the small free stencil, I was given I was able to create a flip flop stencil, how fun!! 


I hope people will use their imagination & creativity to having fun! For those who sell their work, Good Luck! Much success & Happy Stenciling!  For those who Stencil as a way express.

 What does crafting do for you personally?

 “It gives me ‘me time’.  A way out to rest my mind and think about something else.  It also gives me motivation to create.  I love seeing what others do and it inspires me.”

 What benefits do you see come from crafting?


  • Recharge batteries
  • Gives me purpose
  • I have fun/hobby
  • It gives me time to make gifts and share with loved ones. (My Love Language Is Giving)
  • Crafting lets me show others I love them

How does crafting help your husband, Paul, who is sick?

“Crafting gives us a break from each other, even though we are together all the time in the house. He enjoys seeing me do something for myself, and it reduces his stress because he sees me happy. It also gives my spouse some quiet time to watch his shows and do what he wants.”


 While Darla is just one of our many wonderful customers with a unique story, we loved getting to learn about her and to now share her story with you. We at WallCutz feel it is just as important to remember why we stencil as it is to know how. We love providing an ever-growing variety of stencils so that we can appeal to all audiences, and give you the tools and supplies you all need to create what matters to you.

 If you would like to share your crafting journey with us and be one of our customer spotlights, please feel free to reach out. We are excited to continue sharing how-to blogs, but also dive deeper into the personal topics that are behind crafting- including mental health, customer spotlights and the WHY of our company. We hope you enjoyed meeting Darla as much as we did, and we hope that today, your crafting feels a little more inspired because of it. Happy crafting!

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  • Catherine Snyder - January 23, 2022

    I had done some stenciling several years ago, but after my husband passed away after a long devastating illness, I came across your In Loving Memory stencil, and I wanted to paint it. I made one for myself, one for my sister-in-law and one for my mother-in-law. Then I did a Halloween stencil for my daughter-in-law and that led me to Christmas stencils for everyone in my family. Stenciling has helped me immensely with the grieving process. It helps me focus on something other than my sadness. Plus the fact that I’m doing something creative is very therapeutic. I’m still learning and experimenting with paints and brushes. But I want to keep working at it. Thank you for providing me with such a caring community.

  • Anne-Marie Koehl - August 01, 2021

    Run run as fast as you can and read about our wonderful wallcutz Fam.
    I am rather new to this walk cuts community but I love seeing and reading about other peoples ideas it truly inspires me.

  • Erica - August 01, 2021

    I understand, I have always supported my family’s hobbies and activities but really didn’t spend time on my own. I love making these signs and if I can sell them in my booth that’s awesome but I get as much pleasure sharing them with friends and family. Keep stenciling Darla, we are with you!

  • Elizabeth Lee - August 01, 2021

    My husband and I moved to a temporary home in advance of his retirement. I am already retired. We have no close friends or family here. Boredom set in quickly.
    Wallcutz stencils have saved my sanity! Moving is going to be more expensive because of all my new creations.

  • Christine Ouellette - August 01, 2021

    I feel the same way. I love making things and painting. I stenciled many year ago and loved it, but was busy with life. So happy to get back into it. It brings much happiness and peace to my life.

  • Sharon Varney - August 01, 2021

    Thank you for sharing! I love hearing why others love stenciling and love seeing the beautiful work they all do. It’s also nice to meet the people on this page.

  • Allie - August 01, 2021

    Darla’s story I believe resonates with many people during covid. My story is similar in that I made the difficult decision to retire from teaching. How fortunate we all are to have found an outlet for our well being. Thank you Wallcutz and thank you Darla for sharing.

  • Glenda Mae Welborn - August 01, 2021

    Nice to Meet Darla and read her story. Great way to meet crafting members of our Wallcuts Community!
    Great job on Darla’s Story too !

  • Bela - July 28, 2021

    Darla story so similar to mine. Thank you for sharing and thank you Wallcutz you saved me.

  • NAncy - July 28, 2021

    Wow!! What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing!!❤️❤️❤️

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