4 St. Patrick's Day Craft Inspirations

4 St. Patrick's Day Craft Inspirations

After a month full of all things red, pink and heart-shaped, we are excited to spark some inspiration for your next holiday themed décor. While St. Patrick’s Day might not be ranked as one of the top holidays that come to your mind for decoration, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be celebrated fully and with the best kind of decorations. Whether it’s just a pinch of green that you add to your wardrobe or a full-blown display on your shelves, here are 4 St. Patrick’s Day crafts from some of our WallCutz community members that will have you rushing to your local craft store to get started for yourself!

1. Start with an *entrance*: When a guest arrives to your home, the first thing they will see is your front entry way. To say that this can set the tone for your entire house is an understatement- so why not dress it up? This year, WallCutz released some brand-new stencils- including one of our favorites, the gnome sweet gnome door leaner meant to add some luck to your porch. 

One of our talented community members, Pauline Pratt, shared how she used this stencil to create the perfect St. Patrick’s Day porch leaner. She didn’t stop there but incorporated a St. Patty’s theme to fill her whole porch with other signs, the cutest stuffed gnome and other door dressings. It is safe to say that her visitors will feel the St. Patty’s spirit the moment they walk up to her door!

2. Don’t forget the door: We love a good porch leaner- but that doesn’t mean you can forget about the door! One easy decoration for every occasion is dressing up your door with a wreath. Whether it is store bought or made with your own two hands, wreaths are so visually appealing and just bring a smile to your face. Here is a wreath and door sign combination made by Crystal’s Homemade Wreaths. Crystal is one of our WallCutz community members and shared this gem, making us want to get to work on our own!

st. patricks homemade stencil

3. Add a pinch of green: If you have ever ordered from us at WallCutz, you will know that one of our favorite things to do is add a surprise mini stencil with your order. One of our WallCutz experts, Alicia Mattingly, shared a mini stencil that she used to add some green to her home to fit the occasion! She shared “These minis are so much fun to make! Love the different sayings, shapes and colors. Can’t wait to make a few more St. Patrick’s Day and get started on East projects! The possibilities are endless.”
shamrock image

We agree! We love how simple and easy these mini stencils are, and how much fun one bundle can bring. Click here to take a look at our bundles and to start planning out the infinite ways you could use them for quick or complex crafts for your house! 

4. Take a look inside: Whether you are a big decorator like myself or lean toward the minimalistic side, I think we can all agree on how satisfying a classic sign can be to brighten the inside of your home. Mary Smith Sprague gave us the perfect inspiration for our last recommendation, and that is to spruce up the inside of your home. I love to change out the things on my shelves above my TV to match the next upcoming holiday and sprinkle some extra décor on my kitchen island to tie it all together. Some items I will grab from Ross, Hobby Lobby or Target, and others I create myself. Mary’s photo shows the cutest mix of this idea!

st. patricks day stencils

Utilize your bookshelf, your front entry way or the extra space on a kitchen counter and add some lucky clovers. We love this combination of some St. Patrick’s fabric, a lucky charm and some hand crafter signs that Mary created! We love how this can be a quick spruce that will really bring the St. Patrick’s feeling to your home without draining the bank or your time.

Hopefully this blog and the talented crafters we featured brought you each your own inspiration and ideas of how to decorate your home. Share a comment below about how you have decorated for this upcoming holiday or plans you have to do so! We wish you all the happiest St. Patrick’s Day full of four-leaf clovers, not too many pinches and maybe even some extra kisses if you’re Irish!

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  • Tina Hall - March 09, 2022

    March is my birthday month and being a wee bit Irish, I just love seeing all these fun St. Patricks day items.

  • Donna Stark - March 05, 2022

    I always enjoy reading the monthly blog. Loved seeing some of our groups members pieces posted in the blog.
    Great job Wallcutz !! We love y’all 😊❤️

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