Revamping Your House for The New Year

Revamping Your House for The New Year
January has flown by and 2022 is in full swing. Hopefully by now you have locked in your New Year’s resolutions into your routine and have time to pick up some other new habits. In between eating healthy, hitting the gym and maintaining your newly formed budget- we wanted to bring you some quick and easy ways to revamp your house to reflect the refreshing new changes that the new year has brought. While I am sure we wish we could all just head to Target and buy brand new furniture and décor to fill our homes, that isn’t the most wallet friendly idea. Here are some ways for you to take what you already have in your home and rearrange it, revitalize it and make it feel new.
Welcome sign

Repaint An Old Piece of Art:
Crafting a new piece can bring a new life to an ordinary space. While many of our posts and projects have to do with buying a blank slate and starting from scratch, this one has to do with using materials you already have. Grab an old piece of art, an old sign or any kind of décor that you might have outgrown and use it to create something new. First you will start off with painting over the old so that you can choose a new design to stencil on top! Watch this video below created by one of our team members, Aly, to watch how she created a magical new piece out of an old sign.
aly holding gnome picture

Rearrange Your Décor:
Sometimes there isn’t time to create something new. If that is your case, we have some great news for you- you don’t have to! One way to shake up the usual is to rearrange what decorations you already have. Grab some of the pieces that are hiding in the back and pull them up to the front. Grab a piece of décor on the bookshelf and replace it with another from the bedroom- just to mix it up. An old piece in a new place in your home can do wonders for making a space feel brand new without costing a penny to do it. Here is some home décor inspiration from the talented Allie Kailey and how she arranged one of her crafted signs.
bless this home

Repaint Your Space:
This is a bigger project, but one that will last for years to come. Sprucing up a room’s paint can make a world of difference in updating the style. You can go easy and paint a new coat over the existing one, or you can make the space more modern with a new design. Wallpaper is also an easy and fun alternative. I will let you in on a fun little secret too- you can keep an eye out for WallCutz, because I hear they will be releasing some new stencils geared towards patterns and designs that will fit your home perfectly. What better way to make some home renovations than to make it fun by adding some stenciling? It’s a win win. Here are some of our favorite stencils that would make great wall painting stencils as well.
flower bundle
Don’t Wait for Spring to Clean:
Spring cleaning sure does have a ring to it, but why not do it now? With the weather being cold now- take advantage of your time inside and check it off of your list early. That way when the sun decides to make its debut in the spring, you will be one step ahead. Get rid of clutter and things you haven’t used in years to make space for some new pieces. Whether it is a new craft or a new couch, you can’t make space for it until you clear out some of the old!

Take Advantage of The Holidays:
There is nothing more disheartening than taking down your Christmas tree and all of the decorations with it when January comes around. Though your house may feel empty and a bit stale with this removal, you can take advantage of all of the fun holidays that come up throughout the year that aren’t Christmas. Create a fun Valentine’s sign to hang above the mantle, or a St. Patrick’s Day porch leaner to brighten your entry way. Whatever the occasion- there is a stencil for every holiday, and it is guaranteed to make your house look ready for any time of the year! Here is a fun example of Valentine’s Day décor made by our crafty customer, Jeanine Viani-Lazarus using our script alphabet. We love how the hearts are interchangeable and you can utilize this piece for any holiday!
be mine heart

Hopefully you are feeling inspired to find some ways to redecorate your home and bring a revitalized style along with it. Let us know in the comments below what changes you are planning to make to your house and don’t forget to share some photos too. Happy new year, and happy redecorating!

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