5 New Walmart Finds For Stenciling Projects

5 New Walmart Finds For Stenciling Projects

Just like a kid in a candy store, I was walking around the new dollar section at Walmart this week grabbing everything my hands could hold. It got me thinking about all the ways I could use the items for stenciling, so I wanted to share 5 items I’ve found recently at Walmart that would make for a perfect project this summer...

Combining two of my favorite things, inexpensive Walmart finds and WallCutz stencils, put them together and you have a million options for personalized projects in a wide variety of ways!


Supplies you will need:

  • Your new item from Walmart
  • acrylic paint
  • stenciling brushes
  • Painters tape
  • WallCutz stencil
  • Sealant
  • Resin (optional)


  1. Galvanized Pail
Galvanized container for stenciling

These pails are $4 at Walmart and would make the perfect project! You can use them for outside crafts, like to add to your front porch, or even make them to go inside with some fake flowers coming out of them! It would be such a great item to use our Flower Market stencil on.


  1. Terracotta Pot
terracota pot for stenciling

You can use a large pot like this one I found at Walmart, or some of the small pots like she used in this video! Our Garden Bundle makes for the perfect stencils and can give you a variety of projects.


  1. Wooden Cheese Board
wooden cheese boards

I found this cute little wood board in the new “dollar” section and I wanted to buy them all up! They ended up being $5 but that’s still super inexpensive for one of these boards and with them being plain you can use any stencil you want. I’m going to use a patriotic stencil and make some cute charcuterie boards for my 4th of July party!


  1. Summer Serving Tray
Galvanized platter for crafts

This galvanized tray makes a great canvas for your summer stenciling. Use our Lemonade Stencil and make it festive to serve drinks on by the pool, or use our Campfire bundle to serve up s’more supplies around a bonfire!


  1. Bird House
bird houses

Walmart has quite a few bird house options and each make for a unique project! Use one of the flower stencils or even a portion of the bird stack to make it your own.

These are all currently on the shelves but may not stay that way for long because they are so cute, so let’s all hurry and make them so I can see the creative ways you used your stencils!

Here are some recent submissions from WallCutz Customers that used Walmart Dollar Spot to finish their products.  

round cutting board

square cutting board

tin Can


wood fram

wood stars

wood frames with small sayings.

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  • Norma Smith - August 27, 2023

    Do you have a mandala stencil?

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