No, the stencils we sell are not like silk screen stencils.  They are made with 10mil mylar which is a stiff plastic type material.  (no adhesive on the back).  They can be washed easily and used over and over again.  They are durable and will last a long time if cared for properly.


It’s helpful to know the size of your board or frame before choosing the stencil size.  The dimensions listed on each of our stencils refers to the overall size of the actual design or lettering - not the outer edge of the stencil material.  Choose a board size that will be a little larger than the design size.  If you are unsure; contact us and we can help suggest an appropriate size.


BrushesStencil brushes are round with short, stiff bristles and a flat edge.  They will give you the best results and allow you more control over how much paint is applied. A cosmetic sponge also works very well;  or a dense foam roller.  (avoid using cheap sponge brushes).   A finer tip brush is also useful for small touch ups or for filling in spots.
Roller:  A roller with a high density sponge works well for large area stencils or wood pieces
**we sell a 4pk of our favorite stencil brushes (small set) 
Paint: water based acrylic craft paints work best.  Other types of paint can also be used such as chalk paint, latex paint, mineral paint or even spray paint.  It’s best to test them out on a small sample first to see how they ’behave’. 
 Adhesive: (optional) Elmer’s Spray Adhesive or Pixie Spray work well to hold down your stencil.  (found at Walmart or HobbyLobby). Spray the back of the stencil lightly and allow to dry til tacky for a few seconds.  Any ‘wet’ parts are likely to leave a residue on your board.  You can also use low tack tape (painters tape) to help hold the stencil in place and protect from painting over the edge. 
 Paper Towel : for removing excess paint from your brush and cleanup!
 Other tools:   paint tray or paper plate for paint/cardboard or poster board to practice on 


The stencil/paint technique is done best using a DRY stencil brush or cosmetic sponge and dipping it in small amounts of paint.  Dab the excess paint off on a paper towel until the brush is fairly dry —this is called ‘offloading’.   (if there’s too much paint loaded on the brush it will be more likely to bleed underneath the stencil)  You can repeat with multiple coats to get the darkness/intensity that you want.  Remove the stencil before the paint is dry.  If the paint is allowed to dry with the stencil still over it—it may peel or rip some of the painted areas.
You may also try using spray paint.  The results aren’t always as nice—we recommend doing some test pieces before deciding.  Make sure to protect the area around the stencil with newspaper or plastic to avoid ‘overspray’.  A light spray will help to avoid drips and bleeding underneath the stencil. **Use a spray adhesive to hold the stencil in place when using spray paint**
A small dense paint roller can also provide good results.  Make sure the roller has a fine/dense sponge or it will soak up too much paint. Use the same “off-loading” technique by rolling the paint roller over a paper towel or piece of cardboard first to make sure there’s not too much paint on it before stenciling.


A smooth, sanded surface works best!  Paint the wood first if desired and make sure the base coat of paint is very dry and hardened before attempting to stencil.  If stenciling light colors over dark colors; try using a thicker paint such as chalk paint for better coverage.  (still use really light coats repeating as necessary)


Use fabric paint (or add a textile medium to regular craft paint to make it washable).  Position the stencil onto the fabric with tape AND use the spray adhesive.  Let the paint dry for 24hrs and ‘heat-set’ it with an iron on a low setting (protect the painted area first with a cloth before ironing)
(**be sure to follow instructions as per paint product used) It's also recommended to wash the fabric first before stenciling if you intend on using it for clothing   **We’ve heard lots of feedback on a brand of paint called Fusion Mineral Paint.  It doesn’t need a sealer or anything added to make it permanent on fabric. 


You can use the stencils several times before washing —but as the paint builds up over time, it may affect the crisp/sharp edges of the letters or design.  If you want to wash them after every use; try using a toothbrush and soap/water.  You can also soak them first in rubbing alcohol.  Use a big tub/container and let the stencil soak for an hour or more before washing. We’ve also heard of products like “Simple Green" or "GooGone" latex paint remover that can work well for cleaning stencils.
Note: If using a spray adhesive on the back of the stencil; it won’t wash off completely.  But should not affect the use of the stencil.


Try to store your stencil laying flat to avoid causing it to curl or bend. Tip: Lay it between two pieces of cardboard to help protect it.


We're not offering custom design services, but if you want to send us a ready-made design we can cut it for you as a stencil. The design file would need to be as an SVG or .ai format...(or a high resolution .jpg might work too.)
There are many sellers on Etsy, for example, who sell SVG files and who may also offer custom design services.  Once you find a file you like send it to us to cut!
Contact us thru email to discuss!  wallcutz@gmail.com


Domestic USA

Our shipping rate starts at $5.99 for orders under $20. (domestic orders only).  $9.95 for orders between $50 - $100 / and $14.95 for larger orders.  We typically ship thru USPS / and sometimes UPS depending on order weight. 

International Buyers

Our shipping rates for international buyers vary based on size and weight; but start at $19.95. Customers cover any taxes and duty that may be imposed by there local government. 


 WHAT IS SHIPPING PROTECTION? (for lost or damaged mail)

Shipping Protection is an 'add-on' item that shows up during checkout to help protect your order in the event that it is lost, stolen or damaged. ($1.39).  USPS generally does a good job of delivering the mail but it's not uncommon for packages to go missing or delivered to the wrong address.  Shipping Protection protects your investment and will cover the cost of any replacement items if they are lost or damaged in transit.  Read more below:

LOST MAIL (tracking shows package is still in transit longer than 14 days).

If tracking info shows that your order has not been delivered yet; after 14 days; please let us know by email or phone.  We will consider shipping out a new order/replacement. *If you purchased Shipping Protection with your order; then you would qualify for a free replacement on lost orders.  (*within 30 days of the original order date).  If you did not have Shipping Protection; then a shipping/handling fee of $10 will apply to replacement orders.

TRACKING SAYS "DELIVERED" but I did not receive my package:

If the USPS tracking says "delivered" but you did not receive your shipment; please take the following steps:

1. Check the shipping address on your invoice to make sure it was sent to the correct address.

2.  Check with other neighbors to see if they received the package by mistake. (this happens a lot)

3. Check with household members to see if they received the package and put it somewhere in the house.

4. Ask at your local post office to see if they can verify where it was delivered. (provide them the tracking #).

If you have followed the above steps and are unable to locate the package; it would then be treated as stolen mail.   

With SHIPPING PROTECTION:  If you purchased Shipping Protection with your order; then you would qualify for a free replacement order on any stolen items.   (Shipping Protection is only valid for 30 days from when you placed your order; please let us know as soon as possible if your order is missing) 

SHIPPING PROTECTION also covers any damaged packages.  If USPS has damaged the contents during shipping; we will also send out replacements at no extra cost.  (please let us know within 30 days from ordering)

 Certain conditions apply:

  • U.S orders only
  • Damaged in transit - Send picture of the damage, and we will send you a replacement ASAP.
  • Shipping protection is valid for the original order only. (does not apply to the replacement shipment)
  • Shipping protection must be purchased at the time of original order.

Please email us to let us know of a lost or stolen package and we are happy to help find a solution: orders@wallcutz.com / ph: 385-685-8228