How To Host A Paint Party

How To Host A Paint Party

What’s more fun than creating your own painting? Doing it with your friends… and a little wine never hurts either! You may have heard of such classes like “Paint your Art Out” or “Coffee and Canvas” nights and thought how much fun they would be to attend; Or maybe you’ve attended and are ready to step out and host your own. I’m going to give you some beginner steps using WallCutz guide to getting started!

A paint party is an opportunity for you to go out with your friends, sometimes over cocktails and appetizers, while creating a paint project from start to finish. It's a laid-back atmosphere where a painting instructor teaches you step by step how to create a project you get to take home with you when you are done.   

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The question I hear the most is “Do I need to know how to paint?” No, even if you’ve never held a brush, you will be able to create your own project, and the instructor can lead every step of the way. This is not a class where you will be given a grade, this should be your chance to de-stress, unwind, and let your creativity run wild!


You can host at a church, coffee shop, event venue, local wineries, at a park or backyard…or even your home. If you don’t know the group you’re hosting, I suggest holding the event in a public space; safety first! They are perfect for team building, birthdays, family get-togethers, bachelorette parties, or just spending a few hours with friends! You can create an LLC to host big events as a company, but just to host at your home with friends you won’t need this licensing. I would encourage you to check with local government/venues to see if they require permits, etc. Each region may be different and I always encourage people to do it the right way!

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  • Table clothes- you can find at Dollar Tree or 60% off at Hobby Lobby
  • Paper plates for offloading (can also use cardboard or paper towel)
  • Paper towel (for cleaning messes / wiping brushes / offloading)
  • Mini paint trays- You can find in bulk on Amazon
  • Craft paints (chalk paint or acrylics work well) (Dixie Belle)
  • Bulk paint brushes- I suggest you buy a small size and a larger dome brush- WallCutz has a few variety packs as well as single brushes or rollers. Contact them for bulk pricing on brushes!
  • Plastic cups for washing brushes.
  • Bulk stencils, stencil kits or wood door hanger kits! You can find these on WallCutz and they give bulk rates the more you purchase!
  • Wood rounds, canvas or other material to stencil on
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths (for protecting floors if needed)
  • Aprons (check dollar store or amazon for cheap options)
  • Hot glue and ribbon if you want to add a bow to project
  • Scissors
  • Paint can opener
  • Hair dryer(s) or fans for speeding up the paint drying process.


 buy in bulk

Buy your supplies in bulk, when possible, to help keep your costs down. Plus, people will ruin your things! They're typically inexperienced and not as careful with your items as you would be. It may be more investment up front but after a couple of parties you should be able to pay for those supplies with each class.


First consider if you want to have a theme, goal or seasonal focus. What age groups are you inviting? What skill levels are you wanting to work with? Consider limiting the party to one or two projects so that everyone is working on the same thing. This will make it easier to help and instruct. Let guests choose their own paint colors and each sign will still look unique!

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WallCutz offers a few options that are perfect for parties:

 Stencil kits which include an unfinished wood round and stencil made to fit. These are perfect for making door hanger signs. They have some suggested stencil kits – but you can also choose other stencil designs from their website and pair it with a wood round to fit.

**tip: stencils are reusable so if you take care of them, you’ll be able to use them for multiple parties! 

Wood Kits are another cute option with no stenciling required! Just paint the wood pieces and glue them together for a cute door sign.

Door Mat Stenciling: WallCutz has several door mat stencil designs which are popular for use on a coco door mat. Choose a few stencil designs that guests can use to create their own door mat! Blank door mats can be purchased on Amazon, Hobby Lobby or Home Depot.  (typically, $10-$17 ea). Be sure to choose the right size for your stencil.

Other options: You could also teach stenciling on canvas, fabric tote bags, tshirts, wood boards, or frames!

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Common rates for paint parties can be $30-40 for a simple project, or up to $100 if you’re creating a larger project, spanning multiple nights, or providing more food/drink perks. Be sure to take payment up front before the class date so you can secure registration spots and to help pay for supplies.

Start by making a list and estimating the cost of supplies, potential replacement of supplies, venue cost, and prep time. Also estimate how many guests you hope to have at one class. This will give you an idea of the cost of supplies / per person.  Keep in mind that many of those supplies will be able to be reused again / some will need replacing.

Will you need extra help? With some large group parties, you may consider hiring extra hands to help teach, answer questions or just assist as needed. Be sure to factor that into your costs.

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As the host you may also want to provide a complimentary coffee or wine…or even a cheese board or snacks. Remember to factor in any drink or food costs to your overall expenses. Tip: If you are hosting with friends and want to be price conscious, you can suggest everyone bring their own beverage.

 (After your first party, take stock of what needs to be replaced and if your cost estimates were accurate.)


Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, or a way to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine with friends, a paint party should be a chance to have fun! Be prepared and have the help you need to make it an enjoyable night for you and the guest.

And remember to take photos!

Written by Aly Grice and Anita Orr

Special Note:

Shannon Martin and Alicia Mattingly graciously helped to create this blog.  Both these ladies are great artists and entrepreneurs...check out their websites to learn more about them.


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    Thanks for the shout-out and for letting me be part of this project! After you get a few under your belt it gets easier!

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    Always wanted to try this with my friends. I do it with my family at holidays. Maybe this will help me get the courage. Thanks for the blog and the other areas of help you are putting out❤️

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    Thank you!! I have been debating having a paint party!! I really appreciate the tips and have been working on my next order. I appreciate the discount. Can I give my tax ID so I don’t have to pay taxes on stencils as my business investment. Thank you again for all the awesome tips. I love supporting another small business. I have two resale spaces in Davenport IA and I carry a paint line. I’ve also considered carrying your stencils but I haven’t yet figured how I’ll do individual packaging and such. Have a great day and thank you!!! XPXO

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