A Very WallCutz 2021: Wrapped

A Very WallCutz 2021: Wrapped

Another year has come and gone, and we can’t believe how fast time flies by! Now that the toasts have been raised, fireworks sparked and “Auld Lang Syne” has been sung, we have said goodbye to the days gone by and excitedly ring in the new year. It is a time for new beginnings and new resolutions of how we are going to make 2022 our best year yet- but that is a topic for another blog! (*Spoiler alert- stay tuned for our upcoming blog that will touch on the new year!) Before we dive into 2022, we wanted to share what our WallCutz 2021 looked like and the exciting things that happened throughout the year!

2021 wallcutz

Brand New Stencils
For all of the stencil lovers and busy crafters, new stencils are like continuous Christmas gifts throughout the year! We have our wonderful designers work hard to listen to your requests and bring you new designs that you will love. In 2021, WallCutz added 160 NEW STENCILS to our inventory! Wow! We loved watching you all get as excited as we are about these new designs, and then to see you each take them and create your own incredible projects with them. Here is just one of our 160 new stencils that we brought to you this year, and we hope you have loved it as much as we do.

always kiss me good night

FB Community Growth
After starting the community in September 2020, we have been amazed at its growth and the sense of community that it has created. We watch as members share their successes, post photos of their creations, ask questions to help them improve and even express frustrations when things don’t go as planned. We have shared countless community exclusive sales, held giveaways (our favorite being the 12 days of Christmas!) and excitedly polled the group to see how we at WallCutz can better serve our wonderful WallCutz customer family. We were ecstatic to watch this community continue to grow throughout 2021, and right before the new year- we hit over 9,000 community members! We are so grateful to have a strong, supportive community of crafters ranging from first timers to seasoned professionals. We hope that each of you feels uplifted, supported and excited to be a part of a community that loves crafting and shares in the joy of stenciling together!

Customer Favorites
While we had so many new stencils to choose from, we enjoy seeing which stencils are most popular with each of you! This year- our top selling stencils were our classic sunflower and our hocus pocus stencils. From porch leaners to charcuterie boards to planters, we watched you each take these stencils and make them your own. Whether it is a bright pink sunflower, black and white or the classic yellow, each project has it’s own personality despite using the same stencil. Here is just one of the many customer creations that we loved seeing, made by the oh so talented April Hutchinson Jones.

home sunflower


From Coast to Coast

While we at WallCutz are based in the heart of Utah, we love that fact that our customer base is spread out around the world. In 2021, we fulfilled shipments to customers in every single state across the country. Being connected virtually let us admire the products of these stencils from afar and make friends from all over! While we all might live in different areas and speak different languages, one thing is true- our love for crafting brings us together.

New For You!

While we could gush on and on about how many wonderful things 2021 brought, we wanted to wrap up this blog with just a few more of our favorite WallCutz milestones!

• We started our Facebook Live events, having 3 incredible teachers- Jess, Allie & Shannon- collectively teach 33 Facebook live courses, all as a response to the community asking for more ways to connect and learn new techniques! (We are also excited for the beginning Zoom Event classes that launched this week and for the continual growth those will bring!)

• Along with our Facebook Live events, we also started our WallCutz blog and touched on topics that you wanted to hear. From ways to successfully sell your products to the best places to find materials, even how to cope with loss- we covered a huge variety of topics that touched our hearts in different ways. We highlighted some of our wonderful customers, celebrated your creations and most of all- connected with each of you. Sometimes, we even hid sale codes in the blogs! In 2021, we started blogging and released 14 new blogs! And we are just getting started.

• 2021 brought on a brand new social media group to the WallCutz team! Aly, Amanda and Alexis are social media gurus and have helped us create unique content and fun, interactive ways. We are lucky to have their many talents and love sharing how to’s, stenciling projects and specifically created content just for you! We have watched as our followers and engagement soar thanks to their great work.



Alexis Taylor Family




Aly Grice WallCutz




amanda and austin wedding picture

  • We must mention Hayley Aiono.  Hayley writes our blogs, manages the monthly Facebook Lives, and manages the Facebook community. She keeps us moving in the right direction.

 WallCutz Hayley

• There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t recognize that we have the best customers in the world! 2021 brought us one tiny way to recognize that as we launched our loyalty program and offered rewards to our amazing customers who mean the world to us. We love watching you each cash in your points and get discounts/free items, and we hope that 2022 brings you more points as a major thank you to you from us!
• 2021 also brought flash sales, monthly giveaways, percentages off, community exclusive sales, milestone markers for community growth sales, swag giveaways, the 12 days of Christmas, buy 2 get a 3rd free and so many sales! We created custom stencils along with the new, while introducing new products such as our block kits, ornaments, scorch markers, brushes and so many more. Most of all- we grew and we found new ways to say thank you for being a part of that!

Wallcutz community picture

We couldn’t do what we do without each of you! So here is to a wonderful 2021 that was made possible by each and every one of you. We hope that you have loved these changes and the different growth that we experienced this year, and we can’t wait to see what 2022 with you brings. Happy New Year from us here at WallCutz to you!

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  • Linda Thieme - January 12, 2022

    I absolutely LOVE your stencils and wanted to say “Thank you” for sending me a Wallcutz package for baking cookies! You are all amazing!!!

  • Donna Stark - January 10, 2022

    Great new blog Wallcutz. You all do such an awesome job at Wallcutz headquarters. The stencils are top notch. Custom orders are always fulfilled to perfection.
    Looking forward to some new stencils in 2022.

  • Judy Walicek - January 10, 2022

    I’ve loved your stencils from the first time I saw them. Being able to order them in different sizes was remarkable. I have stencils now that I have always wanted. Looking forward to creating new boards!

  • Dawn Raatz - January 09, 2022

    Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see all the new stencils this year! Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

  • Janice - January 09, 2022

    Love your stencils and how fast you ship. It is great to have size options. You have a great team! Thanks for sharing.

  • Margaret A.Walls - January 09, 2022

    Do you do more than stencils

  • Cindy Andersen - January 09, 2022

    I love your stencils. And that you get to get them in a size that I want. It’s a great little community to be in and get ideas from

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