3 Cozy Crafts for Kids

3 Cozy Crafts for Kids

September is here, which means it is almost time to break out your fall décor, start thinking about your Halloween costume and get ready for all things pumpkin flavored. As things cool down, it means we will have a little less sunshine and a lot more sweater weather. While you might not be able to spend as much time at the water park, playing lawn games or camping- we have the perfect indoor activity to keep everyone in the family entertained!

happy fall pumpkin

We often think of stenciling as a professional grade project with lots of intricacies and a more complicated skill level. Today, we want to remind you that these stencils are a fun, creative craft for all ages- and here are a just a few ways how.

Tate’s Very Merry Christmas
First off, we would love to highlight one of our youngest customers- Tate! Last Christmas, he sent us photos of a stenciling project he completed to gift to his Grandma. Tate choose the stencil, learned how to use it, taped off the details and got to work. We were inspired by this youngster and the skill, care and passion that went into it.

Christmas Cow StencilTate making grandmas gift.

While he used one of our favorite stencils, it is a tough one, although you wouldn’t guess it by how easy he makes it look! Depending on the crafter’s age, you can choose a stencil that has a difficulty level to match! The freebie stencils that we send with each purchase is a great starter stencil. Along with that, take a look at our winter bundle that has lots of small, individual stencils that can be used and reused by crafters of all ages! 

No Tricks, Just Treats
While our first craft jumped straight to Christmas, we want to share a fun idea for Halloween. What better way to get in the spooky Halloween mood then to craft a bag for trick or treating. A tote bag is a great starter craft, with the material being pretty forgiving and the opportunity to stencil anything you would like on it. Here is an example of a quick and easy bag that was painted last Halloween! It was even better once it was filled with candy, too.

Life Size Coloring Book
We mean it when we say that stencils have many uses and work for all ages! One of our favorite activities for younger kids is to grab some paper, crayons and their favorite stencils and make our own coloring book. Whether you are making a card or just coloring for fun, you can freehand these stencils or tape them down to make a variety coloring book for every occasion.
Here is one of our favorite Fall Stencil Bundles to use for coloring, and would suggest any of our bundles to get the perfect, smaller sized stencils for those tiny stenciling hands!  You can cut up the bundle stencils at needed, and mix and match lots of stencils for unlimited combinations.

Happy Crafting!
We shared 3 of our favorite kid-friendly crafts with you, but there are so many fun ideas for how to use these stencils and get the kiddos involved. What have you found to be your kid’s favorite stenciling craft? Although the summer blues may be setting in, we hope that these exciting crafts remind you just how fun staying in can be! 

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  • Tina M Hall - September 07, 2021

    Loved your stories. I can see this for all age groups. It just takes a little understanding of the basics.

  • Kathy - September 03, 2021

    My granddaughter also loves to stencil

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