12 Ways to Make Someone's Day!

12 Ways to Make Someone's Day!

As our friend Buddy the Elf once said: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” While we might not all be singers (unless you count the wonderful audience of a showerhead and loofa), this time of year calls for some extra cheer and the spreading of it. With the hope that these ideas inspire you to go out of your way to put a smile on someone’s face, we wanted to share 12 easy ways that you can make someone’s day.

1. All it takes is a smile: While it may sound a little cheesy, it is so true. We figured we would start with the easiest one and challenge you to try it. Today, go out of your way to smile at someone. Whether it is a stranger at the grocery store or your not so friendly neighbor across the street, a smile is contagious and it is hard to not smile back. Take note of the difference just a little smile can make!

2. Bake a treat for a friend: The holidays mean that calories don’t count, right? While we wish that were true, baked goods do seem to warm hearts in very special ways. Bake a treat- whether it’s from a box or from scratch- and drop it off to an unsuspecting friend. You can have fun baking, and it’s guaranteed they will enjoy eating it!

3. Donate your old clothes: Get ahead on your spring cleaning and clear out those clothes that are crowding your closet. Not only will it free up some space in your house, but you can donate the clothes to help those who truly need them. Look for donation centers near you and take advantage of the quick, easy drop-offs that they offer.

4. Call an old friend: If you are anything like me, you often have friends cross your mind and wonder how they are doing. You think fondly of them and wish them well, but you don’t take the time to tell them. On your drive home from work or while you are taking a stroll, give an old friend a call and see how they are doing. It is amazing how far just knowing someone is thinking of you can go- and it doesn’t cost anything at all to tell them!

5. Help local refugees: Wherever you may live, there are most likely people who have recently come to this country with little to nothing. They are adjusting to this new home and away from anything that is familiar, and you can help them by offering a helping hand. Whether it is providing supplies they need or donating time to help teach a life skill, there are organizations that will happily connect you to these wonderful people and provide a way for you to serve.

6. Stencil something and leave it on someone’s door: If you are reading this blog, the chances are you are a craft lover just like us. Grab any stencil you have laying around and a blank sign and go to town. One of our community members, Connie Zimmer Hardin, shared an experience she had of crafting for a friend. “I made a pillow with the Give it to God stencil” and gave it to a very dear friend. She is fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer and is taking a very strong regimen of chemo. When I gave her the pillow, she just cried and thanked me. It’s her favorite thing to snuggle with when times get tough.” Connie’s story moved us and showed just one way stenciling can truly make someone’s day.

7. Pay it forward at a drive-thru: This is a classic mood booster for you and the person you pay for. On a busy day when you are rushing from one calendar item to the next and pull off to grab food, pay for the person behind you. It is easy and fast and will often start a chain of good deeds and paying it forward.

8. Donate canned food: If you are someone who is lucky enough to have excess food and not worry about where your next meal will come from, this is an easy act of charity. Grab some of the extra canned goods in your cupboard and donate them to a local food drive. These items go to families who are hungry and make a world of difference. If you are really wanting to get involved, there are wonderful opportunities to help sort cans and items at food banks as well. This act will make you feel especially grateful for what you have!

9. Give to an organization that supports a cause you believe in: Pamela Alexander, another one of our WallCutz community members, shared how she gave to her favorite humanitarian organization. The organization she chose was 100 Humanitarians, where their founder Heidi Totten, goes to Africa and serves the poor. Pamela had joined 3 years ago to help serve on several projects, highlighting how so many organizations accept donations of money or time- making giving personal with whatever you have to offer. Find an organization that you love and see how you can get involved.

10. Send a Christmas letter to a family member: Nothing can beat the classic of a handwritten letter. Whether it is a Christmas card of well wishes or a letter of gratitude, sit down and write to someone who is special to you. And once you write it- send it! Getting a letter in the mail will make someone’s day!

11. Carol to the elderly: This item doesn’t require professional singers, only those who are willing to channel their Christmas spirit for some songs. Find a local nursing home or drive to an elderly friend and sing for them. You will see the joy on their faces and if you are lucky, they will join in for a song or two. Really not a singer? Charlotte Kellow shared how she participates in a group called Angels Helpers that send hand-signed cards, candy canes and ornaments to assisted living homes, showing us that there are so many ways to shower our elderly friends with love.

12. Buy a gift for a family who can’t afford Christmas: Christmas can be a time of financial strain for many, and if you are able, helping to alleviate that burden can be an answer to a prayer. Find a family who needs a little help with Christmas and provide a present or meal or new winter coat to help them make it through this holiday season. A little can go a long way.

This list could go on and on, and wE hope it does! These quick and easy 12 ideas are meant to be just the start to even lonGer lists that each of you create for yourselves. Whether it be big or small acts of kindness, take a moment today to think about how you can serve someone else and make their day a little more Glittery. Think of someone you know who could use a little cheering up and go out of your way to do just that! The stories you contiNue to share are inspiring to us, and we are in awe of the service Our creative crafters render each and every day. What is a way someone has brightened your day recently? We would love to hear from you and can’t wait to see the Great ripples that you each create, and you brighten the days of those around you!

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